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Ads by LuckyRefs.com

Welcome To The One Web Site That Will FINALLY

Add Some Much Needed Funds
To Your Online Payment Processing Account!

We will help you promote your banners and texts for you.


Introducing Your Advertising Opportunity.

You receive 5000 banner and text credits on every pack purchased.

Every member who joins promotes the site,

Ensuring your ads will be shown on many websites around the world.


How the site works simplified?

You start off with one $5 package, up to 100 packages,

We now give you 5000 banner and 5000 text credits

On every pack purchased to promote your sites,

You can earn 5 levels deep from your referrals and their referrals too!!!

Commissions get shared with everyone as more members join.


Example Direct Referrals:

Level 1 Downlines Referrals pays 10%

Level 2 Downline Referrals: pays 4%

Level 3 Downline Referrals: pays 3%

Level 4 Downline Referrals: pays 2%

Level 5 Downline Referrals: pays 1%


Commissions are paid on ALL incoming upgrades

Even if you have no referrals

All commissions are distributed automatically as members pay in

Your account package will earn

A Maximum of $10 paid to you for your investment of only $5 per package.

You can now withdraw $10 and that package will be removed.

Now You can Reinvest the $5 you made to make a further $10 plus 5000 banner and text credits.

This will ensure everyone gets a fair share no one is left out.

There is NO admin on top here, as admins HAVE to purchase shares too.

As Admins purchase shares they get divided to you too!!!.

We aim to be around for many years to come.

Free members can earn only if they have paying in referrals

And MUST purchase at least 1 package before a withdrawal can be made.


Q: Where are our banners and texts being shown?

A: As members join, They promote the site

Ensuring your banners and texts are shown on thousands of sites.

Making this a superb deal for everyone involved.

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